The Ultimate Travel Packing List for Digital Nomads

When you are finally ready to go on that digital nomad trip you have been planning for so long there is a lot to be excited about. Packing is particularly exciting, up until you find yourself unable to decide what to take with you and what to leave behind. This is no easy task but with this guide, packing will be easy and fun.

Why do you need a packing list? You do not want to go on a trip halfway across the world only to find that you have forgotten something very important. You could buy the forgotten item but that will be an added expense. The other situation is carrying something but not using it the entire trip. What a waste of effort that will be!

What a person should pack differs from one to the other but we will look at the basics.

Work equipment

The main difference between a tourist and a digital nomad is that the latter work during their trips. What kind of work will you be doing to earn the money to support your trip? You need to decide that before anything and even try it at home before going for the trip. The best options are photography, blogging, affiliate marketing, social media marketing and others that can be done on the go. Once you have decided on the job you will be doing you need to decide on the equipment you need. Working online, all you will need is your laptop or smart phone whereas photographers will need cameras and other equipment needed to take professional pictures.

The laptop you take with you should be light in weight yet powerful so you can have it with you at all times without bulking up your luggage. Whatever it is you need, get the smallest possible but never leave any work equipment you need. Once you have decided on what work equipment you need, you need to choose where to place it in the luggage. It is advisable to have a padded bag that is separate especially for these. Such a bag will keep the equipment intact and protected from falls and other damages.

Other than the laptop, phone and camera, do not forget the accessories you will need. These are charging cables, headset, and power bank. A headlamp is also a good addition as it will help you get through dark places during your trip.


How many bags should I carry? This must be the question in your head right now. Should you carry one big bad or many small ones?

The truth is that there is no wrong or right when it comes to how to carry your baggage. It depends on where your destinations are. If you are travelling to modern areas where there are walk-ways to drag your suitcase along and you have a lot of stuff to carry, then go for the suitcase. If you are going to a rural area where there are no walk-ways, a backpack is your next best option. This will be easy to carry especially if you ensure that it is not too heavy. The right bag for digital nomads should be very strong; after all you will be travelling to many places with it. It should also be water-proof to keep your belongings from getting wet in case you are caught in the rain. Even if you see no probability of that happening, it is good to be ready. Many pockets are also ideal for separating different items in the bag so the baggage is neat and well-arranged. A bag with a light and smell-proof laundry bag is also a good choice. This bag will help keep dirty laundry from clean clothes and other things in the bag.

Other than the bag with most of your items, you will need a day pack. This is the bag that you will be carrying on a day to day basis. This should, most preferably, be a backpack because it is versatile. It can go with you to the beach, hiking and even shopping. While some ladies prefer classy handbags, these may not be as versatile or provide as much space as needed for some activities.

Clothes and personal effects

What is your favourite style? That is not the question to answer when it comes to digital nomads’ packing. The considerations should be where you are going. How is the climate there? If you are travelling to a tropical country or a place with a warm climate all you need are light clothes whereas those travelling to cold areas will require heavy clothes.

Another important consideration when it comes to the clothes to carry is the activities you will be engaging in. A visit to the beach will require swim wear, light clothes and sandals while skiing will require jackets, goggles and other appropriate wear. Will you be doing a lot of walking? Go for comfortable shoes and breathable clothes. If you will be going to conferences and other places that need official wear, be sure to include an outfit for that as well. Do not forget the briefs and the accessories you love like sunglasses, necklaces and so on.

As for how many clothes to carry, this will totally depend on how often you would like to wash. If you intend to wash every ten days, carry over 10 changes of clothes. There really is no need to bulk your baggage up with too many clothes. Carry as few as you can. You can always buy more along the way.

Personal hygiene products should not be forgotten. Though you can buy along the way, carrying them from home can make the trip better knowing you have things you are used to. This list includes toothbrush and toothpaste, soap, perfume, hair brushes and accessories, sunscreen, pads and tampons, razors, tweezers, nail clippers and so on. Just carry what you need among these.


There may be other things that are important to you and you should make an effort to include them as you pack. These include medications for known conditions like allergies and so on, supplements, water bottle, workout equipment and documents to name but a few.

Are you ready to start packing and set out for the trip?

Great! Go right ahead but remember to pack only the things you really need. This will help so you do not have too much baggage that can make moving from one place to the other cumbersome. Have a great time packing and an even better time in your digital nomad journey!

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