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Forget the way you choose the bars you normally visit or the reason for visiting them, this list of the most unique bars around the world here will raise your bar simply by reading about them.

The bars on the list are not on it simply because of the events held there or the drinks they offer, they are featured here because they have something truly unique about them that makes them stand out.

In fact, they even qualify as tourist attractions where they are, simply due to their one-of-a-kind nature.

These bars are not only for those who like drinking. These unique bars attract everyone. They are true examples of human imagination and creativity.

1. The Clinic – Singapore

The Clinic bar is found within the Clarke Quay entertainment and shopping district, and was designed by none other than the eccentric artist Damien Hirst, making its shock nature rather unsurprising.

Known for works like the shark in formaldehyde, for this design Damien has created pill-shaped rooms. all interconnected to offer an impact that’s been described as similar to a drug trip.

Visitors can drink using test tubes and IV bags while sitting in wheelchairs rather than the far too cliche typical bar stools.

If you need to sleep the drink off, patrons can lie on hospital beds surrounded by  white curtains, or if you’re feeling buzzed, dance floors that mimic the shape of a capsule are also inside.

The bars restaurant is outlined like an operating chamber, where visitors eat sitting in wheelchairs made of gold and foods served in kidney-shaped steel trays.

If your interest has been peaked, the bar is found within the nightclub appropriately called Morphine.

2. The Red Sea Star Underwater Restaurant, Observatory and Bar – Israel.

Built in 1998, this is the world’s leading underwater bar, and is submerged six meters beneath the Red Sea in Eilat.

In this bar, each table has Plexiglass windows so that guests can admire the coral, fish and other sea life right from their dinner table.

In fact, even the decorations are marine-like with urchin cushions, anemone lighting fixtures and jellyfish stools

3. The Absolut Icebar – Sweden.

This bar is one of its own kind, found in the little town of Jukkasjarvi in Sweden, it’s completely made of ice.

Though novelty ice bars appear to be springing up elsewhere, like in the baking hot Niger desert, the Absolut Icebar within the Ice Hotel is the first ice.

Visitors wear thermal capes and cluster together in the chilling cold, surrounded by meticulously-designed ice sculptures.

Here, you will be served with Absolut vodka cocktails in ice glasses. Just make sure your tongue doesn’t get stuck on one.

4. DM Bar – Estonia

If you a great fan of Depeche Mode and want to take your fan craze to the next level, this bar situated in the Tallinn, in the capital city of Estonia, and is absolutely dedicated to the band.

To us, the band might not seem like the best choice to devote a bar to, but, the synth-poppers that originate from Basildon in the UK are remarkably known anywhere east of Berlin.

When you visit the bar, you will see its walls packed with Depeche Mode memorabilia and Depeche Mode will be playing for the whole night.

5. Skeleton Bar – Switzerland

This unique museum-bar was devised by the Swiss gentleman Hans Rudi Giger, who, among other accomplishments, worked as a  designer on the Oscar-winning Alien movies.

In 1980, Hans devised the title character called the human-eating Alien monster. As a result, he won an Oscar award for excellent special effects.

This bar is found in Gruyere, Switzerland, will bring into your memory the alien, or at least you’ll picture the monsters insides, as you sit within this bars spinal cord- looking skeletal design.

The bar is further decorated with skeleton bones everywhere, from the chairs to the walls. Even the flower vases are made of bones.

6. Alux Restaurant & Lounge – Mexico

One of only two restaurants in the globe set inside a cavern, Alux Restaurant and Lounge is located in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico.

The entire Yucatan peninsula situated in Mexico is made of an interlinked system of subterranean rivers and caverns. Alux restaurant and lounge presents an opportunity for visitors to experience this natural beauty with a drink in hand.

The cavern, that looks like a Flintstones home, has several rooms where you can drink, dance, lounge and dine among the stalactites and stalagmites that light up in shades of blue, pink and violet.

Dance through the night as you keep your eye out for Aluxes’, which are said to be small mysterious creatures that occupy occupy the caverns, giving the bar and lounge its name.

If you are in Playa Del Carmen, this is a place you don’t want to miss!

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