The Luxury Traveller’s Guide to Dubai

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Dubai is a city of striking contrast. Compared to five decades ago, the city of Dubai has seemingly risen straight from the sand, to become a city for the mega-rich, and a trading hub for the East.

A desert city has become one of the most visited places in the world.

Dubai styles itself as the perfect place to come and enjoy life, and I believe it.

Dubai has plenty of choice for the luxury traveler. Luxurious resorts,  five-star hotels, mega malls, and sights and beaches to die for.

What are you waiting for?


Dubai has stunning white, sandy beaches, making it a perfect destination for relaxing or water sports.

And those looking for a real adventure can travel to the emirate of Fujairah or to Khorfakkan Jeep in Sharjah for reef diving and the discovery of vast marine life.

Palm Beach is of course the most famous beach in Dubai. If you want to skydive over it, you have companies to choose from, or if you want to experience any water sports imaganable, you’re catered for as well.

Better still, with year round sunshine, you can experience summer here whenever you please.


Shopping in Dubai is very convenient, and caters to everyone. For the mega-wealthy, this is the city to become poor, and for the middle-class, well you can at least how the 1% blow their money. Or you can still spend your money at the many other shops within your budget, and there are a lot of options to do so.

If you want your own unique piece of jewelry created, there are many shops for that in many fine jewelry stores in the gold market.

Or if you want to shop for the unique culture, there are plenty of choices of traditional carpets and fine arts, that will make it impossible to choose what to take home.

I personally love the open markets, they are full of character, friendly faces and more tourist souvenirs than can fit in your carry-on.


You will be amazed at the magnificent architecture in Dubai. The luxury hotels alone will keep you busy for a while.

Try the Golden City tour and explore some historical sites such as the picturesque palace and the famous Arab tower, that looks like a huge glossy sail, kept open from the nearby ocean breeze.

If you are looking to experience some of the history in Dubai, a tour to the Shura will be perfect for you, as you witness some of the old traditions that still thrive today. Then you can ride a water boat to Sheikh Saeed’s house, which houses old stamps, coins, and photo collections to get you in touch with the past.

Dubai is a constantly growing city, which can be seen through all the construction work happening year round and the new buildings seemingly popping into existence from another dimension. Every time you visit Dubai, the city will be different, there will be will be sure to notice the ongoing changes in this country.

And then there’s the desert. Tell me what’s funner than driving a 4 × 4 jeep over the large sand dunes of the Hatta Desert or around the Hajar Mountains.

Or, for those who want to keep things traditional, turing the desert dunes on camel back at dusk is an experience like no other.


Dubai has an excellent public transport system and easy access to metro from the airport to the central part of the city.

Although the metro is a good option for those who want to travel to destinations along the coast, it does not go to the old town.

But London is not the only city famous for its taxis. It is possible to wave them down on the streets, but you’ll also find rows of them outside malls or hotels.

Book the Trip

The holiday to Dubai is an unforgettable experience for anyone who goes there, the jewel of the emirate.

The architecture and luxury has to be seen to be believed, and starts while you’re still inside the airport.

So book your ticket. Go. The world is waiting, and Dubai is one of its hubs.

Just don’t break your bank.

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