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Summer; a double-edged sword for many, a fashion nightmare for most.

While sun-bathing temperatures are a welcome relief from the chills of spring, they kick start a makeshift fashion renaissance that is essentially, the stuff of nightmares.

Remember that sweater that was so handy during winter and spring? You might as well throw that out now, or better yet, swap it in for a pair of knee-length shorts and a tank top. How about that mink coat that garnered numerous advances on girls night? Well, it’s going to be forgotten in your closet till winter rolls around again, if it’s still in fashion by then.

Oh, the challenges of seasonal transitions.

Unless Gucci has come to the rescue?

The new collection

In a bid to alleviate the strain commonly felt among consumers during this transitional period, they have released a summer collection, awash with innovative designs, intended to not only simplify fashion choices at this time of year, but also to stand out from other benign designers.

Drafted by some of their most experienced personnel, the Gucci 2018 Summer Collection is destined to have you looking stunning in whatever situation.

Harking Back In Time

Gucci has always been known for its unique, thinking-out-of-the-box style.

Unlike regular designers who would simply add a lapel or a hemline to rudimentary designs and peddle it as their own, Gucci work on their garments from scratch, giving them a pizzazz most retail heavyweights lack.

More often than not, competing designers find themselves learning from and adapting to the standards set by Gucci. Always trailing behind as Gucci sets new ones.

In this particular collection, Alessandro Michele, the lead designer, decided to adopt a slightly vintage approach to his designs. Reverting back to celebrated fashion items such as English tweed, 80s shoulder padding and even relatively archaic Sega references, Michele captivated the audience and opened up their fashion horizons to limitless possibilities.

When summer is brought up, most people think open-toed footwear and sundresses, however, with Michele at the helm, you can dare to dream while embracing some of the bold decisions he makes on your behalf.

Incomparable Presentation

Most creatives tend to draw inspiration from their day to day lives. For Michele, it was not any different.

Since most of his time is spent in Rome, numerous concepts and designs were drawn from ancient Greek and Roman history.

The stage worked to accentuate this seeing as it was bordered by statues related to the aforementioned theme. Michele even went as far as introducing a miniature representation of an Aztec temple; genius if you ask me.

You were sucked into the show.

Even though you may not be a fan of the old-school theme he decided to adopt, all the creativity on show would coerce you into giving it a chance.

Unexpected Inspiration

All around the world, Gucci is credited as one of the premier clothing designers. This hasn’t changed.

Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Beyoncé and Heidi Klum have all taken to the streets clad in Gucci from head to toe.

However, for this particular collection, an unexpected pop legend played a major role in inspiring Michele and giving him a foundation on which the collection would be based. By granting Alessandro access to his closet, the pop star tweaked his rationale resulting in the unique theme modelled before us.

The star in question was none other than Sir. Elton John. Commonly known for his personalized, glitzy outfits, Elton would seem like a rather queer choice to inspire a mainstream fashion line. Despite this, his close friendship with Michele was enough to grant the latter access to his closet and from there, the rest is history.

Gucci Delivers

All in all, Gucci gives you unique, respectable choices for your summer 2018 outfits. Unlike your local Macy’s that will advise a plain white t-shirt and flip flops, Alessandro Michele has worked hard to ensure you stand out from the crowd.

Although most fashion choices you make are based on societal acceptance, Gucci is trying to change that so as to reflect individuality.

During the show, Michele quipped that he is on a journey to showcase the minor intricacies that constitute fashion, I encourage you to join him, trust me, you won’t regret it.

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