The Best Digital Nomad Destinations if You Like the Beach

As a digital nomad expect to be on the move. As you do so, one of the things to care for is your online hustle. Being your source of income, expect to do everything in your capacity, to maintain that cash inflow. That comes in handy for easier movement from country to country.

Since you will be moving from one place to another, the destination you pick on should be able to improve your work. It has to provide a conducive environment for you at all times. Furthermore, it should be a place that will provide all the necessary fun you hold dearly. However, finding such a place is not a walk in the park. You have to put into consideration your welfare and work, prior to packing those bags.

Below are some of the destinations that are preferred by digital nomads:

Hoi An, Vietnam

Sincerely speaking, Hoi An, is a place of wonder. It portrays the Disney world’s personality and imagery. Besides, it is home to great sandy beaches, enough to give you a relaxing mood while working.

Furthermore, you can enjoy Vietnam’s cuisines from the affordable posh restaurants. These cuisines have been one of a kind across the globe. As a visitor, you will get a rare chance to enjoy perfect delicacies.

What is even amazing about Hoi An is that it is not so hectic. This feature allows the creation of productive relationships with its people. Get to relate with shop owners. Move around with a bike to check on various food vendors. Accommodation is very cheap that is $300 every month.

Bali, Indonesia

As an online entrepreneur, Bali is the right destination for you. It features some of the most amazing places to visit. This you will do without any disruption to your work. So why Bali? It is a place endorsed with an amazing beach that will allow you to relax in the evening breeze, engaged in some hustle.

For such reason, Bali is a home to many thriving online entrepreneurs. There increased numbers, forms a perfect chance to form productive networks. So as an online entrepreneur you will not miss on holding a discussion about upcoming startups and online opportunities. Fill free to do so once you reach Bali.

Zadar, Croatia

Uniqueness is what runs all over Zadar, its beaches are one of a kind, considering their close proximity to a sea, not an ocean. Apart from that, Zadar is home to some amazing Croatia cuisines. These are the type of food you will not relent posting on your social media account.

Furthermore, accommodation is not something you will give you challenges. Zadar has really invested in real estate, thus offering affordable apartments and residential areas for your taking. For instance, you can rent an apartment for about $350 every month. Honestly, that will leave you with some good attention to take care of your lavish lifestyle. Remember, you only live once, and having some fun is worthwhile.

Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica’

Puerto Viejo’s close proximity to Us and Canada has turned it into a preferred destination by various digital nomads. Furthermore, there are direct flights from main US cities into Costa Rica. Therefore, there is a higher possibility of your family and friends paying you a visit. Such an act goes a long way toward offering you significant support as you pursue your goals.

Puerto Viejo has the right internet connection, suitable for your online ventures. In case you are obsessed with reggae music, then you are in for a treat. This

place has a couple of musicians solely interested in that genre of music. To crown it all, Puerto Viejo is an amazing place to reside in.

Valparaiso, Chile

Get to witness a rare feat in the street art once you set foot in Valparaiso. Besides, its restaurants are well equipped with amazing delicacy. They are full of different and well-prepared Chilean cuisines. Every digital nomad will be attracted to such scrumptious meals. Fortunately, accommodation in this place is considered low. As a result, spending more time won’t adversely affect your budget.

Phuket, Thailand

As an online geek working in a conducive and peaceful environment is of much help. Such surrounds allow proper generation of ideas and innovations. Phuket is a place that provides that much-desired surrounding. For that reason, it has witnessed the coming in of many digital nomads.

Not only is it known for its sandy beaches but also the strong internet connection. Thus, you can easily skype with your startup partner while relaxing on the beach. Furthermore, the available cafes are home to scrumptious meals going at an affordable price.

The nights are lively, allowing you to enjoy some fun with friends. You never know, such instances offer a platform for creating productive business partnerships. Since Phuket is full of digital nomads, networking is bound to happen.

Accommodation is quite cheap. One bedroomed apartment goes for about $230-500 per month. The apartments are situated in friendly and secure areas. It is a perfect place to develop your new application as you have more fun.

Taipei, Taiwan

With nice coffee shops, beach and social amenities, Taipei, qualifies as an outstanding destination. Any indecisive digital nomad can easily thrive here. Usually, known for its noodles, you will not hesitate to be part of that hype.

Despite the expensive apartment, there is always value for money. It boasts of the stable and quick internet, for working on some online ventures. Furthermore, it is a home to affordable restaurants, parked with delicious meals.


It is with no doubt that technology has resulted into creation of online opportunities. These internet opportunities have been seized by a number of people. As a result, led to the rise of digital nomads. One thing about such people is their desire to move from one place to another. Usually, they do so seeking for conducive environments, necessary in developing their online ventures. Therefore, there is a need for them to find very suitable areas, Fortunately, the world has been very fair to them. Currently, there are a number of destinations that befits digital nomads. These places boast of nice weather and amazing sites.
Besides, accommodation is not a problem. Hence, digital enthusiasts can work comfortably.

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