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Alex Taylor
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Sex appeal.

We all want it but most of us don’t really understand what it entails.

Almost all modern day magazines will claim to have uncovered the fifty ways to look irresistibly sexy or the twenty ways to have every girl fawning over you. However, if you look closely, these lists are always eerily similar, with traits such as confidence and a tasteful fashion sense finding their way into all of them. This article is not intended to say that the respective magazine writers are wrong, but, it is to prove that they essentially overstate a simple fact; success is sexy.

Ever since Kanye West and Jamie Fox collaborated on the hit song, Gold Digger, the entire dating game changed. Whenever a lady found herself attracted to a successful man, she would be labelled a gold digger whose only intention was to fleece him of his wealth. Actual love might have been present but society would not let such couples flourish peacefully.

As a sad result, it became generally accepted that successful people could rarely attract genuine affection; their sex appeal was monetarily induced. In my opinion, this is wrong. Horribly wrong.

Reverting back to your monthly copy of Cosmopolitan, or whatever magazine you prefer, you can clearly relate all the qualities ladies desire in men to those exhibited by the successful. Society may not like it, but successful is and always has been sexy.

Increased confidence

More often than not, people believe confidence is an inborn trait, evident from childhood, and flourishing at adulthood.

If Alex, an obese child in 8th grade, had low esteem in his teens because of his physical appearance, he is destined to be the weirdo throughout his life, while Bret, the All-American basketball superstar, will saunter through life with his head held high.

Although this is true in many cases, success alters one’s perception of life, increasing the confidence levels in even the most timid people. This confidence, once awoken, can become the missing magnet needed to attract members of the opposite sex.

Supposed relationship experts have consistently said that attraction is built off of the need to feel safe and wanted. A confident person, who always seems to have a solution for any problem, seems like a pretty safe bet to me. Now, all she has to do, is make you want her.


Call them gold diggers all you want but women know how to secure themselves a stable future.

Even though money should not be the sole attractor behind a new relationship, I can see why its a good one.

I find it funny to see men without, always complaining about how women prefer wealthier men, while they cannot even support themselves. If you cannot afford three meals a day for a week, what do you plan to do when you have to support a lady and all that comes with it?

It is for this reason that women are drawn towards successful men; they guarantee a certain level of stability, or even comfort if they’re truly well off

Success is an indicator that you know how to plan your life both logically and financially. These are the men that ladies can count on to start and nurture families with.

It may not be a handsome face or washboard abs, but success puts food on the table.


Today, success is often affiliated with wealth and stature.

Whenever the term comes up, most peoples’ minds race to the top ten slots on the Forbes Rich List, thinking of such names as Bill Gates and Warren Buffet. Hats off to these men because their success is unquestionable, however, wealth is not the solitary indicator of success.

Picture this. You live in a small, obscure town far from civilization. This town is so limited that all it has is a grocery store and a utilities shop.

In a bid to try and make some money, you start up a flower shop in this town. Although it starts off slow, eventually, you develop a client base and actually turn a profit. In my eyes, this is success.

If financial return is considered, your flower shop brings in minimal profits but the fact that you did more than break even is enough to deem it a success in this town. The point here is that doing well in whatever field you see fit can be classed as success. You just have to better than those around you, your surroundings determine the cut off.

This ability to stand out from your backdrop showcases a certain alpha male tendency that people find very sexy. Just as the strongest caveman would end up mating with the most attractive female, the most successful men tend to attract the best women.

Bragging rights

Men and women alike want the best for themselves, and I don’t blame them. To look their best, achieve the best, and have the best partners.

It’s a well known fact that a lot of women take forever in-front of the mirror. Whether picking the best outfit or applying makeup to perfection, a lot of ladies want to dazzle. Now, if such woman are this meticulous about a dress, you can bet that they’ll be just as selective when choosing a boyfriend.

Men without much to show for themselves will wail at this notion, but if you’re successful, you’ll like this just fine. Your success is her success, and you get the selection.

No one would want to defend their boyfriend’s job as a cashier at McDonalds, when they could be talking up their C.E.O. beau instead.

Don’t complain about it, just accept reality.

What are you going to do about it?

As you can now see, success massively increases your sex appeal.

Whether it is the added swagger you develop from increased confidence or the vanity aspect you could provide, success puts you on a higher tier than the common man.

It is often said with great power comes great responsibility, so for all the successful people out there, take advantage of it and reap the fruits of your hard work.

For all the rest of you… I guess you better get successful, and fast.

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