How to Remain Disciplined When Working and Travelling

Staying focused on your work can seem like an impossible task when you’re working and travelling. And sometimes it proves to be so, which can be frustrating if you have deadlines coming up.

Whether you’re a travel blogger going to exotic destinations or a sales man on the road, the distractions you encounter can make work fizzle off in the distance. However, there is a way you can tackle these two effortlessly.

Learning to remain disciplined when on the road is vital for our businesses and careers, so that we can keep the privileges we have worked so hard to acquire.

The Key

The key to self-discipline is to form healthy habits that we can focus on our work when required, and also learn to switch off and enjoy ourselves, to let ourselves recharge. We want to learn to persevere through the hard work and motivate ourselves through the experiences our efforts allow us.

So, what are these habits?

Ignoring Distractions

Having put this into consideration, it is time to work your way around them. These distractions are just barriers to the work being done and if not managed can ruin any effort put. Have a firm way of avoiding them by having your priorities outlined. This will help you say no to debilitating factors that will just leave you feeling too fatigued to work.

Establishing a Routine

When there is no one to supervise your working hours, it is important to have a well laid-out plan to organize your time. Decide whether you’d like to work during the morning or evening, depending on your preference, and then make sure you always work at the same to establish a routine.

Habits are formed through repetitive conscious actions, and so while working when travelling, settling into these habits will ensure that you always being and finish your work when required, so that you can enjoy your free time and experience your new destinations without work worrying you.

Staying Organized

Whenever you’re on a new project, create a time management plan of how you will do the work, where you will do it and for how long.

And when you arrive at a new destination, designate a quiet area for you to work, where amenities are convenient. Once you have done this, treat your new work area as sacred, not meant for any other tasks but work.

Work Only When Convenient

This might sound like a weird one, but its easy to become frustrated with your work when you can literally work anywhere at any time. You may have a habit of trying to do work in areas full of distractions or at times when it is better to enjoy yourself and let yourself recharge.

By consciously keeping work to ideal times and environments you’ll enjoy both your and free time, and be able to use the ideal circumstances to produce ideal work, to keep your boss happy or your business strong.

Be Available for Your Work or Clients

Whether you’re self-employed or a remote employee, the truth remains that we all answer to somebody, so we have to remain contactable. If you’re an employee, the solution is easy. Schedule your work time to at least share some hours with your offices standard work hours.

If you’re self-employed, provide your clients with certain times during the work week where you’re guaranteed to be contactable. And communicate clearly, that if you’re contacted outside of those hours, that you cannot guarantee a response, but under such circumstances, you will get back to them as soon as possible.

Define Your Goals

It’s a lot easier to remain motivated and disciplined when you know what your goals are. Write a list of the reasons why you’re doing the work that you are doing, and what you’re working towards, so that whenever you’re low on motivation, you can remind yourself why you should push you.

And if that list stops working, you’ll be able to reassess your goals, and right new ones if your values or mission has changed

Set Deadlines

When you are working remotely or running your own show, you tend to have a lot of independence. This independence can be great, but it can also be dangerous if you don’t give yourself responsibility. Setting your own deadlines is a great way to do just that.

Every time you sit down to work, know what you need to get done, and when you want to achieve it by. Better still, break down that end goal into multiple smaller tasks, and set yourself a deadline to complete each one.

This will avoid you being overwhelmed by the work, and motivate you as work closer to each mini goal.

And, if you have a semi-controlling boss, you’ll have a list to provide of what work you completed and at what times each day.

Stay Healthy

You won’t work as effectively when you’re feeling lethargic. Find a new gym when at a new location to keep yourself fit and healthy, so you can perform your best work.

The workouts will also release dopamine, a feel-good hormone that will keep you feeling awesome and motivated.

Face Challenges Head On

No matter what strategies you put in place, eventually you’re going to face a challenge that will make you feel like throwing in the towel, and throw all your strategies out the window.

When this happens, its’ important to face the challenge head on. Look at the life you’ve set up for yourself, and the strategies you’ve put in place to remain independent, and use this to boost your confidence to face the challenge you’re facing head on.

Remind yourself that you’re stronger than you think. And when you overcome the challenge, you’ll know for certain that this world is your oyster, and nothing can stop you from achieving your goals.

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