How to Come Up with Angles for Your Advertising Campaign

To market your or a company’s product or service, you have to have a captivating way to position it, to set it apart in a world where users are drowning in companies wanting their attention.

Think about some of the world’s biggest brands. What made them get so big, when a lot of them are in industries swarming with competitors? Well, when you think about them, what comes to mind?

Probably their slogan or an advertisement that got stuck in your mind, right? Like Nike and the famous “Just do it” slogan.

These are marketing angles, or just angles for short, and are, in simple terms, an approach you take to advertise your product or service to a general or targeted audience.

And when you come up with one, the rest of your advertising campaign will fall into place. Headlines and copy become easier to write, and you’ll probably have a clear idea of what the image for your campaign should be.

But how do come up with these angles?

It’s All About the Hook

Not all angles are created equal. Humans desire some things more than others, so much so that you could call these desires needs. They’re literally biologically programmed within us. These desires are known as the Life Force 8.

So, what are they?

  1. Survival, enjoyment of life, life extension.
  2. Enjoyment of food and beverages.
  3. Freedom from fear, pain, and danger.
  4. Sexual companionship.
  5. Comfortable living conditions.
  6. To be superior, winning, keeping up with the Joneses.
  7. Care and protection of loved ones.
  8. Social approval.

The desires of the Life Force 8 don’t need to be sold to us, they exist within us by default. As a marketer you just need to bring them to the surface. Your campaign angle could use whatever hook you can imagine. But, to really get under the skin of your target audience, your angle should appeal to one or more of these Life Force 8 desires.

Planning a Campaign

Hitting one or more of these desires can change everything in your campaign. It can mean the difference between winner and loser, or 10k a month versus 100k a month. These are the eight things people really want, more than anything else.

When coming up with a campaign angle, try to mold your angle around one or more of these desires.

Let’s illustrate with an example…

Sugar Daddy dating sites are a popular niche at the moment, and if you look at any of the successful campaigns for these sites, many of them are appealing to these Life Force 8 desires.

Survival, Enjoyment of Life, Life Extension

“Joining [Sugar Daddy Site]… gives you the chance to meet a daddy that will take care of your bills, so that you can stop worrying and start enjoying life. Take your life back and enjoy the peace and freedom you deserve.”

Enjoyment of Food and Beverages

“Joining [Sugar Daddy Site]… is your ticket to be wined and dined. No more dates at Burger King, with a man that can’t finish his mouthful before he talks. Drink the finest Champaign in the finest cities with the finest of gentleman!”

Freedom from Fear, Pain, and Danger

“Joining [Sugar Daddy Site]… can remove your fear of living pay check to check, in a neighborhood that isn’t suitable for raising children. Rest easy, and let a real man take care of you!”

Sexual Companionship

“Joining [Sugar Daddy Site]… will put the spark back in your bedroom. These men are winners. Confident and passionate, with wallets almost as big as their…”

Comfortable Living Conditions

“Joining [Sugar Daddy Site]… is a commitment to the life you’ve dreamed of and deserve. You won’t have to worry about finding room for your clothes with the closet space in these men’s mansions.”

To be Superior, Winning, Keeping up With the Joneses

“Joining [Sugar Daddy Site]… is proof that you only date the best. If you’re as tired of swiping left as I am, join a site where the real winners are. They know what you’re really worth!”

Care and Protection of Loved Ones

“Joining [Sugar Daddy Site]… will give you the resources to give your child the best possible upbringing, and the best chances in life.”

Social Approval

“Joining [Sugar Daddy Site]… will finally remove the smug expression from all your paired-off friends. Imagine the looks on their faces when you introduce them to your Sugar Daddy. Little will they know that he’s evening paying for the privilege!”

As you can see, a Life Force 8 desire is threaded into each of these campaign pitches, making them all highly appealing to their target sugar baby audience.

Create different ads resonating with different desires, to see which ones have the biggest impact on your market. Although each desire can be highly appealing, you never know which will resonate most with your target audience.

Putting your angle to work

Once you’ve got your audience brimming with desire, you’re almost there. At this point, they WANT to buy your product. Now, you just need to justify it for them.

Integrate one or more of these tried and tested catalysts into your campaign, to push your prospects over the edge!

  1. Create a state of urgency – Make your prospect feel like if they fail to act now, they will miss out on the offer forever.
  • Demonstrate no risk – You can do this by offering free samples or trials. This makes your prospect feel like they’re not making a gamble, but are instead taking advantage of a risk-free offer.
  • Generate concerns – Start by generating either a question or concern in the mind of your prospect, and then provide them with a solution to it.
  • Simplify things – Grab and keep your prospects attention, by removing any distractions that draw attention away from your offer.

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