Getting Rich is Easy, Being Rich is Hard

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Alex Taylor
Alex Taylor
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We often think the path to success is by working until we drop and scarifying our personal and social lives. Too often we priorities “making it” over all else, to the extent that we become susceptible to health and stress-related issues. that no amount of money could solve. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

In fact, getting rich is the easiest part. BEING RICH is where the true difficulty lies.

Here are several reasons why getting rich is easy, and why you shouldn’t even stress until you’ve made it.

Why Getting Rich is Easy

1. People Doubt Themselves

Most people are doubting Thomas’s to the extent of even doubting themselves. As a result, they set their goals in the middle. They set their goals not too low, but not too high either. Due to this thinking, there’s a lot of competition in the middle but far less at the top.

Due to this, if you want to get rich, always think big and aim higher. When you aim high, you might find little or no competition for your big idea,  making you a fortune when it comes to fruition.

2.  No One Knows What They Want

You HAVE to know what you want, and what actually makes you happy. This way you can set clear goals and find the motivation to come up with specific steps to achieve them.

The more detailed you make your plan, the greater your chance of achieving it.

3. Online Opportunities are Endless

The internet has created numerous opportunities for people to get rich and achieve success. Think of Mark Zuckerberg and the founders of Google. Even NBA Eccentric Mark Cuban first made his billions through the internet. And these are just the extreme examples.

Thousands, if not tens of thousands of people have made millions online. The massive, global reach of the internet, combined with low startup costs, has made it easier than ever to create a company that can become a global behemoth.

4. No One Networks Anymore

Birds of the same feather flock together. Make a habit of surrounding yourself with people who have the same desire and drive as you, people that are actively trying to make it in this world. But make sure they are doers, not talkers. These people will motivate you to pursue your dreams and can be great sources of advice to help you get there.

Also broaden your social network by creating accounts on websites such as LinkedIn and Meetup. Interact with different people who have connections in the business world, you may find these connections helpful, and interact with people in a similar field to yours to learn the ins and outs of the business.

Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems

See? Getting rich is easier than you thought isn’t it? There’s all this opportunity, but no one’s willing to get over their doubt and set definitive goals, or take advantage of the opportunities available to them. But, once you’ve made it, what makes being rich the real problem?

Everybody wants to be rich, but most people don’t look at the problems that might come with it. Here are some of the primary reasons why it isn’t all wine and roses once you’ve hit the top:

1. You might raise spoilt kids

Parent’s want the best for their children, but when moneys no object, in the process of providing the best you might end up with spoilt, bratty kids. Wealth can make people lack compassion and empathy, and it’s no different when you’re young. Wealth can blind you from the hardships that people without financial abundance may face.

And once your little-ones have become adults, they may end up inept and incapable of independence after being spoilt their whole childhood.

2. You are more vulnerable to lawsuits

As the saying goes – where there’s money, there’s a lawsuit.

Less than 20 percent of people with a net worth of $1 million or less worry about being sued, whereas 80 percent of those with a net worth over $20 million feared being served a notice.

In fact, lawsuits are so feared that they have scared off entrepreneurs from making otherwise profitable investments if there’s even just a slight chance of being sued.

3. Your relatives and friends ask you for money

Having millions practically guarantees that at least someone in your life will treat you like a bank, people are just far more likely to ask you for a loan if they think you can afford it.

What less successful people don’t realize is that the success came from hard work and making smart financial choices, not by loaning money that’s more than likely never going to be repaid.

It’s unfortunate, but wealth disparity can become a family issue, and create a sense of guilt that can become a lifelong strain.

4. You might lose your old friends

It’s a common saying amount rich people that cannot be friends with a person who makes one less zero than you. Although there can be rare exceptions for truly strong friendships, in most cases your lifestyles are just too different.

And of the friendships you do have, you won’t help but wonder if they are there for you, or there for the money.


Getting rich might seem difficult, but when things seem impossible we inflate them in our heads. Pop the balloon and realize that the opportunities are there, and that most people are just too afraid to take them.

You shouldn’t even be concerned until you make it. Block the self-doubt and noise until then, you’ll need to spare your sanity for the problems that come with 7 or more figures in your account.

Put real time and energy into researching and making plan
Getting rich is quite easy but being rich is equally hard due to the factors and people surrounding you. And as they say with money comes problems and significant responsibilities.

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