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Activity Feed Forums Traffic Sources SEO – Search Engine Optimization Using Web 2.0 (user driven) websites for SEO Reply To: Using Web 2.0 (user driven) websites for SEO

  • Jessica

    December 10, 2020 at 6:39 am

    One true backlink beats 20 web 2.0 backlinks everyday.

    Trying this spam is playing a childish SEO game in a grownup search world.

    Google will geo tag, mac address tag, and router tag and see that it’s all coming from you across multiple websites, and not unique users recommending your site.

    Even if you’re not penalised, you’ll get no traffic and no value.

    The only thing you should use web 2.0 sites for is to contribute and be helpful and to gt community members to want to visit your site through a forum signature or link on your profile page.

    Use them for community engagement, not SEO.