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  • Alternatives to Facebook and Google ads

    Posted by Grahame on January 12, 2021 at 5:54 pm

    The two biggest names in online advertising are without a doubt Facebook and Google. The first being the largest search engine and the second the largest of the social media giants.

    These sites are great to find success on, but there are other, less targeted sites where you can find success as well…

    Microsoft Advertising

    Sure you might think… Who uses Bing? Well, I personally do, and so do a great many other people in the US who use Microsoft Edge and don’t bother to change their default search engine (there are more people than you think). Over 5 BILLION monthly searches worth of people. Microsoft Ads are less competitive than Google making it less competitive to advertise on, with a still giant audience to show ads too.


    A completely different kind of social media site built for professional. Advertising is similar to Facebook, except if you’re selling B2B products or services, you may find much more success advertising on LinkedIn instead or at least primarily.


    Twitter is great to use to promote ads that follow/latch on to the latest trends or hashtags. a promoted trend let’s you by on top of peoples trend list for the day, which is a really powerful advertising opportunity.

    Feel free to share any other ad platforms you’ve had success on 🙂

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