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I have a question for you.

If I were to invite you to a wedding right now, what would be your go-to outfit?

Is it your trusty three piece suit? Or maybe your favorite khaki pants matched with a presentable shirt?

Whichever answer you come up with, I am sure those represent either the best, or among the best, clothes in your closet today. This is because the nature of the event at hand necessitated that you try and make a decent impression.

Now, if I were to ask you what you would wear for a utilities run to the local store, you would just churn whatever set of casual clothes you think good enough for the occasion in question? Wouldn’t you.

What if I told you that in order to garner both the respect and adulation of those around you, you should view everyday as if you are to attend a wedding and live it like a millionaire.

For most, if not all, of you, a million dollars is more relatable to your dreams than it is to reality, isn’t it? Well, such an attitude is wrong, and dressing for what you want your reality to be, may be the mind-shift you need.

Why Feign A Millionaire’s Lifestyle when you want it to be yours?

So, as the millennial’s would say, fake it till you make it.

Just feigning a millionaire’s looks and actions will grant you more respect from others, appearance matters. But you might also find that it broadens your horizons and your mind.

How to Act Like a Millionaire

We have already established that you do not have the million dollars required to qualify as a millionaire.

However, the little money you do have, if invested right, could have you looking wealthier than you realize. Combining it with right change of mannerisms will have everyone wondering about your net worth.

The key aspects we need to look at for such a transformation are:

  • Selection of Attire
  • Eloquence & Diction
  • Endearing Behavioral Traits

Selection of Attire

Clothes are said to be the mirror to one’s soul.

If there is even a modicum of truth in this statement, attire selection presents us with the opportunity to reinvent ourselves into whoever we want to be. Despite this, not many people are familiar with what modern day millionaires prefer to adorn.

Though you won’t have to wear the multicolored monstrosities we view on fashion runways, we do have to go beyond the basic garb that can be found in your everyday retail store.

We’re looking for that perfect point in-between extraordinary and the ordinary. That is where the millionaire lies.

The attire you wear must be respectful, and most importantly, well fitting. You won’t find millionaires wearing clothes don’t suit their proportions. Look for a fine balance between an understatement and an attention seeker.

This could be anything from a crisp suit to a well fitting pair of Levi jeans.

Beyond this, the technicalities will depend on the event in question, the only constant is that the outfit has to be presentable. After all, you are worth a million dollars, right?

Eloquence & Diction

Communication is an avenue through which people can judge both your intellectual capacity as well as your social acceptability. Millionaires are expected to be learned fellows whose every word can captivate an audience.

Consequently, you need to speak clearly and confidently. Confidence is an integral component  as it shows that you understand your place in society; and it is amongst the crème de la crème.

Once you have that mastered, word selection is your next worry.

Cultured people tend to have a way with their words; always seeming to find the perfect statement to match the situations they find themselves in.

If you remember any of Barack Obama’s speeches, you will know what I mean. The man could hold an entire nation hostage as he carefully maneuvered through his speeches. Americans would be putty in his hands as he methodically, and almost miraculously, always found the right words to drive his points across.

Now Obama may be a tough act to follow, but you do need to ensure your diction is good enough for those around you. Whereas Obama had an entire nation and international media to worry about, you may find yourself having a few dozen people in a room to impress.

Endearing Behavioral Traits

Once you are dressed up and talking like a millionaire, the next step is acting like one.

Successful people tend to take kindly to persons who mimic the behavioral traits that brought them their own success.

They often see themselves in such people and become willing accept them faster as one of them.

Look at comedic rock star Kevin Hart. While he was growing up, he had to numb the pain of an absentee father by doing comedy. Eventually this catapulted him into the realm of superstardom that he currently resides in.

If Kevin were to meet a genuinely funny young man, he would take more time to interact with this person than he would a regular fan asking for a selfie.

While a selfie offers no emotional gain for him, being reminded of his younger self allows him to relive his journey and realize how far he has come.

Now you may not have any inside information on the wealthy people you interact with, but, you could exhibit the same traits you see in them. This could be humility, diligence or an extroverted personality.

Such behavior can get you noticed band help you build connections with the overachievers in our society.

Act to become

How you present yourself often determines how you are treated.

Paint yourself as an influential person, and you’ll be treated as one. Come across as plain ordinary, people will treat you as such.

So go out today and spruce up your look, you never know who you may end up meeting next.

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