5 Ways to Multiply Your Click Through Rates With Killer Headlines

Do you sometimes get stuck trying to look for a headline that will catch the attention of your readers? That has happened to me so many times until I discovered a solution. A killer headline can either make or break your content. You need to have a good headline that will multiply your click through rates and make your audience stuck to reading your content. It will give you an advantage and will motivate the reader to go through your content. Here are a few tips which I personally use that will help you come up with good headlines that will captivate your audience.

1. You need to K.I.S.S

Keep It Short and Simple! A killer headline is brief and straight to the point. As a writer, do not beat about the bush and go round in circles with words, simply keep your headline short and simple. People will always click through headlines that are memorable and are precise. A simple and clear headline should give the audience an answer to the questions they have. Just get to the point and see as people will respond much faster to your content hence increase your click through rates.

2. Make use of the 3 U’s

This is a simple formula that I use quite often when coming up with headlines for my content. The 3 U’s- make sure your headline is Ultra-specific, Unique and Useful. For instance, a headline that is ultra-specific should be precise on what you as the writer seeks to achieve in your content. If my aim is to help you increase your click through rates with killer headlines, I ought to be precise.
Unique headlines arouse curiosity of your audience. Give them a headline they have never seen or heard anywhere before. Once you have increased the curiosity of your readers, go ahead and deliver content.
Useful headlines are those headlines that are relevant to the wants and needs of the readers. For instance, who would not want to know how to multiply their click through rates?

3. Use captivating questions

One of the ways to get the attention of your readers is through using a captivating question. Make sure the question you ask should be a question that your readers want an answer to. However, do not overdo this technique by trying to twist every headline into a question. You need to ask something that your readers care about and will elicit at least one of the following responses:
“Yes!”- they would like to know how to multiply their click through rates with killer headlines and,

“Hmm,Tell me more!” kind of reaction. This will improve the kind of responses that you get from your audience who will be thirsty to know more and will go through your content.

4. Deliver what you promised

There is nothing that disappoints readers like going through a piece of writing that does not deliver good content. If you promised to show your readers how to multiply their click through rates with killer headlines, make sure that you deliver quality content. Otherwise this will be a recipe for disaster and people will not be interested in clicking through your content.

5. Use the simple “How to…”

You need not feed your audience with junk and irrelevant information. They will easily get bored. The “How to…” technique makes the lives of your audience much easier. Remember, there are loads of information on that particular topic you are writing on. Give your audience quick and easy to learn steps to guide them through whatever you intend to show them. That will make your click through rates higher because your content is simple and easy to read.

In conclusion, increasing your click through rates should never be a daunting task once you apply these tips. You can also create a killer headline by using numbers, for example, “5 Ways to multiply your clicks through rates with killer headlines”. This is a method that I have used severally and the results are simply amazing. As I already mentioned before, people are looking for quick-fixes, easy steps and tips to guide them through whatever they are searching for online. Make sure that you don’t complicate their lives any further by giving them a lot of irrelevant and lengthy paragraphs, remember to always keep it short and simple. Someone once said that good writing should be like a ladies’ skirt, short enough to be interesting and long enough to cover the essentials.

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