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Fashion, just like all other things in life, is governed by a set of unspoken rules.

Donatella Versace, one of the most prominent designers of the modern era, once asserted this point by claiming that swaying too far from preset fashion norms is akin to committing social suicide.

Over time these norms have changed drastically thereby leaving otherwise fashionable people in a state of limbo. However, despite these wholesale changes, certain rules remain etched in stone for all to obey.

Any self-respecting man looking to garner praise from his outfit has to live by these rules or risk being dubbed a social pariah.

Fit is Everything

Think back to 2002.

Hip hop and RnB have taken up all the radio play. Musicians such as 50 Cent and Eminem dominate most social discussions and worst of all, baggy clothes are the hottest fashion trend.

At the time, everybody owned a pair of oversize jeans from celebrated brands such as Fubu and Sean John. Basically, lugging around your massive clothes was seen as the epitome of class and swagger.

Now, in 2018, ultra skinny clothing seems to be the new fad.

Men walk around with jeans so tight you could see their entire lower body definition without much effort.

This may be acceptable in modern times but any true gentleman knows that fit is the key to pulling off any outfit. However cheap or aged your clothes may be, a proper fit always trumps either oversized or skinny apparel.

Just look at how fast customized suits have cornered the market so as to get an idea of how convenient a personalized fit is. Why walk around showing everyone the outline of your butt when you could be comfortably classy in a tailored trouser?

Some may claim that custom clothes are a tad too expensive but that is not the only way to get a size-appropriate piece of clothing. All you have to do is find a skilled tailor who can adjust your trousers and shirts so as to fit your physique.

After that, prepare for the gawking eyes because you are sure to stand out positively in any crowd.

Creativity Should Be Limited

At first glance, this heading may seem like a mistake.

Why would we want to limit creativity yet it is the basis on which modern fashion is based?

Well, lets sample a few red carpet events so as to get an understanding of why simplicity is the key to style.

At the Oscars or the Golden Globe Awards, actresses tend to go all out with their outfits. Be it gowns or statement dresses, they all tend to be a bit grandiose. However, male attendees always abide by a simple law; suits are universally appropriate.

I am not trying to encourage you to hit the beach in your three piece Armani suit but, for most occasions, a simple suit tends to accentuate the stylistic tendencies of all men.

Creativity, although welcome in some circles, could blur the lines between a masterpiece and a fashion disaster. Expressing yourself is acceptable but any true gentleman knows the way to an exemplary fashion sense starts by standing out in ordinarily benign outfits.


Just as with our personalities, men have to adapt their fashion sense to gel with whatever situation they find themselves in.

All stylish men know how to clean up for classy events such as weddings while still being able to dress down for trivial outings like a get together at your local bar.

We have all encountered that one person who is trying to do too much with their outfit. However classy your designer cufflinks may be, you have no right to don them on a simple trip to the grocery store.

In order to acclimatize to both formal and casual settings, you could peruse a few fashion catalogues over your next meal.

Many believe this to be an extremely feminine thing to do but would you rather read through Men’s Vogue in secret or look ridiculously overdressed in public? I’ll take the former any day of the week.

Get Some Help

It is inherently masculine to figure everything problem out by yourself.

Most men would rather ruin their roofs before calling a handyman to help them with the repairs. Unfortunately, the same applies in fashion. We try to self evaluate in front of the mirror; most times, to our own detriment.

Why not call in your girlfriend and get a second opinion?

And if you prefer the single life, you could have a friend look over your outfit and advise you accordingly.

This will not only improve your confidence in the clothes but it also allows for corrective measures to be taken in case of any issues with your outfit. Celebrities all over the world work consistently with stylists to ensure they always look presentable when they step out so why do you think you are any better?

One Outfit Doesn’t Fit All

Although excessive creativity is frowned upon, individuality is vital in style selection.

Browsing through the internet, you may come across a picture of David Beckham dressed in a leather jacket, beach shorts and flip flops. Surprisingly, he manages to make this look exceptional.

However, I can bet that if you tried the same outfit on, it would be an unmitigated disaster.

Therefore, in as much as we can pick a style tip from some fashion icons, we should also be in tune with what works with our bodies.

Who knows, maybe there is a combination you can pull off that would look ridiculous on Mr. Beckham himself. It is highly unlikely but we are allowed to dream, aren’t we?

In a nutshell, male style is a tricky yet simple undertaking. If we can get past the common stereotype of throwing on whatever clothes are within arms reach, we may just be the style icons of tomorrow. These five tips are intended to guide you on your journey to impeccable style but when it comes to actualizing it, well that is all on you.

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